He's Gone Again

My brother keeps leaving like there is something more important to him then his own family. And there is to him, his friends and drugs. He didnt come home from school yesterday, again. I doubt he'll come back at all. And if he does i dont even want to talk to him or see him. He might as well stay away if hes going to continue to break the promise he made me as i cried in his arms on the staircase and begged him never to leave. He promised he wouldnt untill colledge. Yet hes gone, yet again. Im so sick of it. I cant go away and i have a few more issues then him. I just want the pain and worry to end.
Slemochick Slemochick
13-15, F
2 Responses May 22, 2012

haha shall do....

When he comes back slap him and shove a GPS tracker up his ****