I Don't Like People Of Hate.

I don't think you would like this story here but my life is all about the hate other have of who I am and why I am a lunatic now. My family teased the hell out of me because I cried as a small child when watching the sound of music or one of many other sad stories. so I swollowed my emotions. There was no one to talk to about the feeling I was a girl and not a boy because of the hate that came from their faith in God and how they saw and under stood his words to mean so they could hate some one. I did not like the people of hate I worked with because I was living my life as a woman for many years but after nine attemps on my life I gave that up as well. I am lost unto my own self and I would welcome going any where but here in this world of closed minded all knowning self-righteous hateful people who walk on water.
solarregeneration solarregeneration
41-45, T
Jul 23, 2010