Fear Of High Ceilings And Tall Buildings

All my life i have had a fear of High ceilings and tall buildings. As a child i could not look up in the school hall, i can not explain what the fealing is or what i think may happen. it is just total fear...

I am getting worse as i get older, I can't drive accross a bridge even steep hills now freak me out, its crazy.

I must get help....

Burt333 Burt333 36-40, M 11 Responses Oct 13, 2009

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Me too. It's weird but I hate going into a huge indoor space, say a makes me feel on edge. I prefer smaller spaces and lower ceilings. However, I love being outside...weird!

I have it too. Cant drive over a bridge towers freak me out. have to have my husband drive and i keep my eyes closed. and as i get older it gets worse. it almost feels like it lifts me up. it is the strangest thing. high ceilings, sky scrapers. when i was in school had a hard time with the flag pole was too tall.

I also have had this fear my whole life, in school I couldn't even look up in the gym because the ceiling was to high. I thought I grew out of it as I got older but last month I went to Grand Central in NYC and it happened when I looked up.. Feet stick to ground, shake, feel like I cant move. So glad I am not the only one who gets this.

Me too, from the time I was very young. Old fashioned theaters were bad (Radio City MH was terrifying); I couldn't even enter the Blue Whale room at the NY Museum of Natural History. Glad there's a name for it.

Oh my goodness I am so relieved that there are more people who are like me. I am currently on holiday in Germany and have made trips to berlin, Prague, Luxembourg and now going to Paris. Stupid me booked a 2 hour tour of the Eiffel Tower however my palms and feet are already swearing just thinking about it. There are so many things I wanted to do but have been held back due to my fear!!! I can't look up at the cathedrals, look over bridges and appreciate the beauty. I feel like digging a deep deep hole and burying myself or running into a tunnel and never coming out!!!

Omg I tought I'm alone! Hahaha I have the exactly same problem with you! I've had this since I was a little. Almost all the people around me assume I'm afraid of high, like being in a high place. They always misunderstand me hahahaha I'm so relieved when I found this page. I don't feel alone anymore hahaha :)

Omg I experience this exact same feeling i get it all the time like if im walking outside and look straight up at the sky i get the feeling of falling upwards, But big rooms are the worst i was in the middle of an empty airplane hanger as a kid on base and got so scared i had to sitdown cause the loss of judgement between the vast distances inside threw me off so bad

OMG I never new there are other people in the world that have a fear of high ceilings, i always ashumed i was just a freak. I can so relate to to what u are saying, i can't physically walk into a church or shopping center without freaking out. I used to hate it was when i had to go on field trips with the my schools and had to go in musuems. But the worst was when i got forced to go in York Cathedoral and fainted. I used to be really scared of tall buildings as well but i grew a small bit of that one. I still do shake at first but when im used to it im fine. :)

I used to have this when I was younger. When we went to Vegas when I was ten I just about freaked at some of the tall signs and buildings. And Mortor, it's interesting you said that because I used to hate going to IMAX theaters as a child because of the ceiling/screen height.<br />
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Somehow through the years it went away. I still feel a little shaky but I don't have that about-to-pass-out, panicky feeling anymore. I wish I could tell you how I overcame it, but mine just sort of went away with time (only to be replaced with another phobia years later... I honestly believe everyone has one).<br />
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Just wanted to reaffirm what everyone's saying here in that you are not alone in your fear. I know it doesn't cure anything, but I also know that it gives some comfort in knowing there are people like you.

ive had that fear for about a year now,sadly i cant go to malls even, i always get shakey and feels like im going to passout. =/

your not alone i have the same fear i couldn't even go to church because the ceiling was so big. I still have a fear recently i went to the Imax and actually couldn't even stay because i see it and i feel like im falling upward. like the feet begin to tingle and you stomach turns and you get wobbly its scary but i think the best way to overcome is to not look up but and you might look up and stare at a corner if there isn't one try a small ob<x>ject on the ceiling and for a bridge just keep forward have a small conversation with yourself or a passenger. Im not sure what you mean by steep hills are you afraid of heights with the hills.