*** Breath... I Love It!!!

I give at least 4 ******** a day and lots more on weekends. I'm an avid swallower so I have permanent *** Breath. I think it's sexy and hot!!! I like to kiss a guy then afterward tell him I have *** Breath and see if he wants more or just wants to add to my Cummy smelling breath.
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I´m a **** too and always have *** breath. It's Great!

I'm very turned on by this. I live in falls church Virginia. Reading this has been a wonderful way to start the day along with my coffee.


After sucking a guy off I've held his *** in my mouth and give him a long kiss sharing his *** with him. Certain guys I've told them what I did. I told them while we were *******. When they heard that they shoved in hard squirming around and was *******,groan out god that was good. They stayed right in ME. I was having a 3'some with a special guy and my husband. They kept switching places often on me. From my mouth to my ***** and back again. The guy shot in my mouth. I held it till I could kiss husband then we kissed. After kissing I told hubby what I just did and he shot on my leg and some of his *** landed on the guys leg it made hubby so horny. I got to lick the *** off m special guys leg as hsband di my leg. He still loves it.

My favorite fragrance

Can I have a kiss?

I'd love to be on that list...as many times a day as I can give you...

Where are you? You can blow me 4 times a day and throw in a couple of handys.

I'm bi, so I'd LOVE to smell your sweet kiss you and taste your even sweeter kisses. But, why stop there? ;)<br />
<br />
I have always loved kissing someone who has just let me *** in their mouth or go down on someone I just came into. YUM!!!

I sure wish I was one of those you were blowing so frequently. my wife has almost 0 interest in oral

I posted on another one of your stories -- the comments here answer some of my questions. But oh my -- !!

I only have 1 guy who's into kissing after I suck him off. Most guys have an aversion to ***, I think they think it'll make them gay if they touch or taste it. Oh well all the more for me!!! I hate sharing anyway!!!

Awesome! I love kissing my wife after she has sucked me off. There is something sexy the smell of my essence on her breath. Very hot!

4 a day is easy, I can get that at work if I want to. I do have a list of guys I blow on a regular basis about half are for fun and the other half for pay. I can walk into any nightclub and get to give 4 ******** in less than 2 hours.<br />
<br />
With all of the women out there who will not give ******** it's easy for a **** like me to find guys who will allow me the pleasure of blowing them!!!

All day??? So far I've only been able to dream of such a man. Perhaps someday I will take you to task and see if you can deliver the goods?!?!

I can *** all day baby,wish I could be used as your *** producer, I'm always ready to be milked for a *** lover such as yourself.

Wow, you just have to be the most awesome woman on EP! You rock! Would love to look you up for some oral fun!

I would love to be the guy watching u **** all those an kiss u on the middle of u sucking them off an soon after u got there *** too

Well can I have a kiss after you finish sucking another **** write back

*** to me baby and I'll make it 5!

I've gotten 4 BJs in a day....*wink* Lol. Ur in good company. =)