Love Him!

He is the best!
He is my half brother but i treat him like a full bro!
He was always around when i was a child and i have hundreds of photos of him n me very young! but i was too young to remember!

I didn't see him again until i was 11 years old!
I really wish i could of been able to see him through my childhood so get jealous when my friends talk about growing up with their brothers!!

I love him to bits but i still don't see enough of him! He is in the army and he has a wife n 2 lil boys of his own now so he lives near his base and his wife's parents house!

We only see him a few times a year but when we do see them we make the most of it!

One thing which i have which i love more than anything is an eternity ring that my brother got me for my 18th Birthday!
We chose it together but i noticed it was an eternity ring n joked with him that he has to get married to me before i can have it!

But he said well you are my Lil sis n i love you n i will love you forever (for eternity!!)

I treasure that ring n never take it off! I once took it while doing hand painting at work n panicked as i felt all wrong without it on! i needed it to be on my finger!

I am so proud of him as he has come so far in the army, he went to Iraq in 2003 and he told me all the pain he went though losing his best friend but he has come through it all and all for his family!

sazead sazead
22-25, F
Apr 9, 2007