My Brother

I love my brother ! He is the only sibling I have. He's seventeen.


But my brother was quite annoying when he was younger. He would taunt me because I made bad grades some school years. He and his stupid little friends would tease me or call me ugly (I'm not ugly. I'm really pretty. They were just being mean). I had this tape recorder and I used to practice my singing and do other things on it. And he would record over my voice saying I was crazy. He would touch my a** and wiggle his tounge at me (not in a "nanna nanna boo boo way", in a nasty way) indicating french kissing (I know. He was kind of creepy). He never believed me when I told my mother I was sick (Which I really was. I had the flu and other viruses) and called me pyscho. He would also address me as "my sister" rather than my real name, which kind of hurt my feelings. He needed to know I had a name, and it wasn't "my sister". And I don't know if he still calls me that or not. He and his friends would make fun of my hair (even when it was pretty) and called me silly names like "Chicken Head" (lol) and my brother would go along with them. We're almost the same age (he's a year younger than me) so you know how that was.

Sasquatch1990 Sasquatch1990
26-30, F
Feb 27, 2009