I Have Only 1 Brother

i have one brother too and i know how most girls and guys are out there. but all of its typical and thats usually what older siblings do. i mean like for me, i gotta say, i dont think there is anyone out there that has a relationship like me and my brother do. growing up, it was weird but it made us closer than i ever thought we would. like i remember when we were younger, we didn't talk at all. not like how we talk now. its like we had our own lives. i mean i knew he was there but i didnt bother to talk to him alot you know? but then as we grew up, we started talking more and more everyday. and thats what made us how we are now.

when we finally talked i found out so many things that i never really thought he would ever do. it was a big shock to me. but then again, he was to ever find out what i've done, he wouldn't be to happy about it either. i wish i could just tell him everything thats happened in my past, but i can't cause, some of the things i did, is what i still kind of do. But i guess thats what my girls are for.

but anywho, i'm actually glad i have a big brother like him. to me, from what i've seen brothers do for their sisters, none of them is like my brother. i mean honestly, do you fight with your brother? not argument wise, but fist fights? we argue nearly everyday.  we sometimes even fight. or do you and your brother box each other? well thats how we play around with each other. i guess our relationship is more of a like were brothers or something, but then we have our girly sides. (and no i am not a guy. im a girl. i was raised around mainly guys. with only 1 girl cousin who was never around me while i was growing up. ) but yeah. thats some of the ways me and my brother are.

the other stuff we do that i don't think other brother and sister's usually do is we watch the same shows. we have the same interests. like we watch the same dramas, and we're currently watching this show called dexter which is just thee best show everr right now. and yeeah we watch alot of shows together. and there is just sooooo much more that he does for me. its just amazing. im really thankful for him even though he thinks that im just being selfish and spoiled and not thankful. but i am. i guess, he doesn't understand me enough to see it. but thats my brother.


i love him and im thankful for everything hes done for me and what he's gotten for me. like my nikon d40 camera just last year for a class that i have. and right now he's working on buying me a car even though the recession is going on. and just there's so much he's working on for me. and im really thankful for all that. i love him. and nothing or no one can change that no matter what. regardless of how i express it or show it.


forget boyfriends and girfriends. your family are the only ones that will always be there for you and love you, regardless.

ldyclumzyc ldyclumzyc
Mar 13, 2009