It Really Is A Freakin Tree

my mom was a hore.. 10 kids with 5 men. so they are my half brother and sisters.. but still.

Mom&Scott- Donna, David, Tammy

Mom&some guy i never knew who killed himself-Mandy


Mom&Lloyd-Eric, Wendi, Kristi

Mom&my dad Todd-ME

Mom&now husband Daryl- Jacob

But my dad also had a little girl with some other woman named Michelle-Alishea

I have a huge family. Most of them live in Denver, CO where we were all born, but a few live in Washington State, and Arizona, where i live now. I have family all over the states. Washington, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Florida.. there is probably more too i just cant remember.

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yeah, wow.<br />
<br />
Do you all get along and get together for occasions/holidays?<br />
<br />
You all have the same mom though! except for alishea!<br />
<br />
Could be a major blessing if you looked at it that way. =)