Just 100?

1. I am a disappointment.
2.  I never finish my homework on time.
3.  I am an *******, even when I don't want to be.
4.  I take up space.
5.  I expect too much from others.
6.  My talents haven't earned me anything.
7.  I am too smart apparently for my own good.
8.  I can be illogical.
9.  I am too sensitive.
10.  I dwell on things.
11.  I make others feel bad with my success.
12.  I can't socialize.
13.  I contradict myself.
14.  I agree with myself.
15.  I short-come myself.
16.  I never write anything good.
17.  No one likes what I write.
18.  I try even when I should give up.
19.  I just realized I could have used the number list but I typed 1-100.
20.  I demand a lot.
21.  I want attention.
22.  I don't maintain excellent hygiene.
23.  I allow myself to be paranoid.
24.  I dream so much.
25.  I torment myself with fantasies.
26.  I abandoned my childhood dreams, well mostly.
27.  I don't completely abandon my unrealistic dreams.
28.  I forget why I hate myself as soon as I want to write about it.
29.  I am too ******* shy.
30.  I regret.
31.  I am too robotic.
32.  I hurt my cats by accident sometimes.
33.  I get so bored.
34.  I care about what others think about.
35.  I drive myself mad.
36.  I sometimes pick up on other people's accents.
37.  I have an accent when I am nervous.
38.  I am not funny.
39.  No one gets my jokes.
40.  I am not at the weight I would like to be.
41.  I don't have clothes that reflect me.
42.  I didn't get accepted to the college I want to go to.
43.  I didn't side with my sister.
44.  I can't come to conclusions.
45.  I come to conclusions too quickly.
46.  I believe the media.
47.  I believe my parents.
48.  I believe my friends.
49.  I believe my perception.
50.  I have high dreams and expectations.
51.  I have faith in humanity despite the odds.
52.  I won't die yet.
53.  I am average.
54.  I am nothing special.
55.  I am not original.
56.  I obsess over the smears on my glasses.
57.  I get food cravings and I can't satisfy them.
58.  I have to communicate with people.
59.  I like to isolate away from people.
60.  I judge people.
61.  I don't pick a side.
62.  I am indifferent.
63.  My hair, I am still not confident about it.
64.  My face, I don't like how round it is.
65.  My hearing, I am losing it.
66.  My mind, it plays tricks on me.
67.  I believed I could make difference.
68.  I don't conform.
69.  I conform.
70.  I am broke.
71.  I can't get a job.
72.  That I foolishly believe skill will get you a job.
73.  I can't make contacts very well.
74.  I hold on.
75.  I know I have better reasons to hate myself than these.
76.  I speak my mind.
77.  I censor myself.
78.  I try to please people.
79.  I want to have children.
80.  I would like to have a family.
81.  I still want someone all to myself.
82.  I want to kill people sometimes.
83.  I can be twisted.
84.  I find some of my thoughts twisted.
85.  I am an adult.
86.  I can be obsessive.
87.  I waste time.
88.  I waste energy.
89.  I waste effort.
90.  I have never been in love.
91.  I am willing to wait...
92.  I am impatient.
93.  I hurt people I care about.
94.  I can't apologize.
95.  I was once happy.
96.  I might be nothing different after all.
97.  I am deluded.
98.  The world wants me to hate myself any ways, so why not?
99.  I haven't made anything tangible.
100.  I waste time writing stories on EP.
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2 Responses Dec 25, 2012

We're not that different. I like you.

loved it....I like u.