My Reasons To Hate Myself

1. I'm ugly
2. I'm fat
3. I'm stupid
4. Almost all of the people that meant everything to me just left and started a new life because of my stupidness
5. I can't do anything right
6. People tell me I'm mental and I'm starting to believe it
7. I am selfish
8. I used to be in a slight depression but now I feel like crap and like I don't have the right to be depressed because many people have it worse
9. I tried to attack one of my classmates with a knife because he kept on bullying me
10. I'm a waste of time, money and space (and food)
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4 Responses Jan 7, 2013

No you are not. Your perfect and unique <3

Hey Im so sorry you feel this way. The good news is,Sometimes what we think is reality is not is simply because our cituation and view has narrowed. And all we see is the bad things. I promise you there is a better view. Try this: do or say something nice for someone you care for make them smile or feel good about them selves. This will change how you view yourself, as an added bonus they will recognize the good in your heart and it will lift you up! You will see the good in yourself that I am positive exists!. Remeber you cant please everyone and that is not your fault. Just try leave each person better in even a small way today for knowing you. Be the change you want to see in the world.

I think you are sufferring from low self esteem cos you are so negative about yourself and have been hurt in your life. Really I think you need to talk to a counsellor and have a good talk about all the thing have got you down. You dont sound happy and on the edge and really need to talk to someone and get some help. You are angry as well I dont know what you have been through in your life but someone has hurt you let you down. Low self esteem does not just go away, I know from experience of being abuse when young and rejected how hurt and angry I felt for years and did not think much of myself and had abusive relations with men. I went and saw my doctor and got counselling it was the best thing that happened to me it really changed me for the better just being able to talk about the pain and some of the self blame i had because of the bad things that happened. Sometimes we take things out on ourselves when people are not nice to us, we turn anger inwards or it can be turned outwards. I never felt loved or wanted but now cos i have faith as well I know God loves me and I was chosen to be born despite all the negative things people my parents said about me. I learn to forgive as well to get rid of that bitterness. You are valued and chosen. Stop being negative about yourself dont believe lies people have said in the past about you. Read some good book on self esteem. I also went to group therapy for two years it was wonderful really how it helped me. you have to take steps to your recovery cos you are hurt if you loved yourself you would not be so negative about yourself. Please go on the road to recovery you deserve better in your life and I hope you find it. A person can take 10 pounds they can make it dirty, crumble it up, it can get trodden on, but the thing is it is still worth 10 pounds and that is like with you. No matter how much you have been through in life, you still have worth because God says you do. It dont matter what others say about you dont listen to their crap listen to what is real. Take care my friend.

Don't do this to yourself. You're a teenager..most go through that. Start a hobby..and take yoga classes. You're lucky to be young. I wish I could go back to being your age to make better decisions. Figure out what you want outta life and go for it. Don't lose focus.