1. I'm a ****. Or so everyone says.
2. I'm pregnant. Twin girls.
3. The father hurt my in a way you can never imagine.
4. I'm to tall
5. I'm not smart enough.
6. I have acne.
7. I am antisocial.
8. I'm a lesbian. Because of what the dad did to me.
9. I'm not pretty.
10. No one believes me.
Crazylover15 Crazylover15
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3 Responses Jan 12, 2013

You don't understand he is litarily out side of my house right now in his car just waiting for me to turn out the light. He is crazy!!!

He isn't their father. My ex-boyfriend is the father. Its really not the acne its the scars on my face that hides the acne. The broken bones the sleepless nights the pills the screams for help is what I really hate about me. I haven't slept a full night in 3 weeks. Because he isstll out there waiting for me to leave my house. Or to be alone. I am going to kill myself and my babies before he will go near me again.

Dont take an innocent child's life there is help avalible forwomen who needs to behelped likeyou. there are steps to take to prevent this do not under any circumstances harm yourself please.

we all have reasons ... I have a ton... don't think about all the bad what happened to all the good? your twins are a blessing. every teen has acne r face problems sometimes. don't worth about how u look so much. as for your dad did you report him?