1. People can count on me
2. I’m honest
3. I’m a good listener
4. I’m helpful
5. I love to make people happy
6. I love surprising people
7. I can always surprise people
8. I’m creative
9. I’m caring
10. I’m difficult to disappoint
11. I hardly ever get mad at anyone
12. I respect people around me
13. I truly respect my mother
14. I appreciate people who respect me
15. I respect myself
16. I don’t trust people easily
17. I’m interested in learning about other people
18. I don’t care what others think of me
19. I try my best to prove my feelings for my loved ones constantly
20. I’m protective about the ones I love
21. I keep my promises
22. I can always remember birthdays
23. I have a good humour
24. I’m grateful
25. I can genuinely compliment people
26. I’m not materialistic
27. I’m not selfish
28. I’d never cheat on my boyfriend
29. I apologize when I’ve wronged
30. I’m not racist
31. Deep inside, I have a heart of gold
32. I do my best to be polite
33. I’m open-minded
34. I know how to comfort people
35. I always try to see things from several perspectives
36. I support people I love
37. I’m trustworthy
38. I’m always on time
39. I’m responsible
40. I’m easy-going
41. I can often read people like books
42. I have a good taste in music
43. I have a good grammar
44. I have good grades at school
45. I work every weekend
46. I love to try new things
47. There are things I’m passionate about
48. I love reading
49. I cook quite well
50. I bake very well
51. I like to make crafts
52. There are many things that inspire me
53. I do my best to inspire others
54. I pay attention to what I eat, but I’m not afraid of calories
55. I’m hard-working
56. I have a well-estabilished set of values
57. I hardly experience boredom
58. I know in each situation the appropriate behaviour
59. I make my own decisions
60. I always try to see the bright side
61. I learn from the mistakes others and I make
62. I’m quite good at learning foreign languages
63. I always improve myself
64. I try to smile as much as possible
65. I work on my goals
66. I don’t give up
67. I’m not afraid to make mistakes
68. I believe in myself
69. I always finish what I’ve started
70. I’ve been through much, but made the best of all
71. I’ve helped my friends to make their dreams come true
72. I’ve made my dreams come true
73. I’ve brought up my brother
74. I know how to handle money
75. I value the time of mine and others
76. I can be happy for the little things as well
77. I’m proud of the goals I’ve reached
78. I think before I speak
79. I have big dreams
80. I’m strong enough to fight things myself
81. I can get over everything easily
82. I can always find a solution
83. I always have new ideas
84. I’m not afraid of making a fool of myself
85. I regret nothing
86. I’m not afraid of changes
87. I can see the beauty in most things
88. I can laugh at myself
89. I do my best to destroy the walls I’ve built around myself
90. I build bridges instead
91. I defend myself with sarcasm
92. I only use big words when I mean them
93. I have beautiful curly hair
94. I have long eyelashes
95. I have nice eyes
96. I have my dream tattoo
97. I have sexy legs
98. I have big boobs
99. I have nice teeth
100. I am me
barbus barbus
18-21, F
Jan 21, 2013