I Love The Person That I Am For These Reasons... (and No Its Not 100 So Forgive Me)

1. I have a heart of gold

2. I like to help people

3. I work hard

4. I am a good friend

5. Very Outgoing

6. Love to try new things

7. Dance around my house

8. I smile like no other

9. I like to see the good in people

10. I love music

11. I am strong

12. I love staying up late

13.  I love to travel

14. I want to make the world a better place

15. I love sunny days

16. I like to laugh

17. I love giving more than receiving

 18. I like to brighten peoples days

19. I love giving out compliments and telling people how good they are

20. I want to be an inspiration to the world

21. I love Broadway musicals

22.  I appreciate movies when I watch them

23. I love to spread positivity

24. I like to meet new people

 25. I am non judge mental

26. I have a very open mind

27. I love to read books

28. I like to learn new things

29. I enjoy working with children

30. I can get along with almost everyone and anyone

31. I support my family and friends and cheer them on for their accomplishments.

32. I will stand up for someone who is being bullied

33. I  have alot of compassion

34.  I enjoy being on the beach

35. I love getting a good work out

36 I can make up positive quotes for people to live by :)

37. I like getting my picture taken

38. Im very dependable

39. I love that Im not shy and can be friends with new people within 5 minutes

40. I can get up on stage without being nervous

41. I love how I can come up with silly random stuff

42. I like my curly blonde hair

43. I have the cutest dimples

44. I can keep a promise

 45. I am very Optimistic

46. I am a very good listener

47. I know the true meaning of friendship

48. I am very caring

49. I dont allow negativity to come in my life and ruin it

50. I can see things in people that others may not

51. I am very trustworthy

52. I am very caring

53. I am very fun to be around

54.  I like the Ravens

55. I love chocolate

56. I love lady gaga

57. I encourage others to try new things

58. I love to watch Law and Order SVU

59. I put a positive quote as my facebook status everyday

60. I look on the positive side of things

61. I dont listen to what negative people have to say

62. I love that I have a loving family

63. I love to write about everyday life

64. I am not ashamed of who I am




Liz5589 Liz5589
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 14, 2010

You sound like my kind of gal, Good for you. : )

Only 35 more reasons to go! LOL I think this post is great!!!!! :)