55 Things I Loved About And, Reasons That I Loved Jesse. We have now broken up but are still friends

These are some of the reasons why i loved him

he deals with my little dark moments he has his own little moments he makes me laugh even when i'm crying he gives me my space when i need it he doesn't freak out about my perverted mind he has a perverted mind he makes me feel like we are the only two people in the world he calls me beautiful and gorgeous and i know he is not lying he is always giving me little gifts he's wonderfully adorable and handsome at the same time he has the most mesmerizing brown eyes i've ever seen his hair is so fun to play with even when it's really short he'll text me "i love you" just because he gives my hand little squeezes when i'm feeling sad he's inteligent he's so sweet he's well mannered he treats me right he's never hit me he's never verbally abused me he listens to me he cares his hugs make me feel safe his kisses bring me to life his words help me get through the day he's always making sure i'm okay he tries to help me feel better when i feel sick he swears to protect me if ever anyone would try to hurt me(even though i do the same thing,lol) he loves weapons he's intrerested in war and it's history he's give great shoulder rubs he hugs me in his sleep his soft snoring lulls me to sleep and (usually) doesn't wake me up he's very romantic when he wants to be he says the sweetest things when i need to hear them most he makes me feel luckier than anyone else in the world he's my big soldier boy he calls me his little vampire he purposly tries to annoy me sometimes and in the process makes me laugh my arse off he thinks it's cute when i slip into an accent by accident he doesn't bite too hard he's also my wolf boy he treats me fairly he never belittles my opinion he reminds me that he loves pretty much everyday he lets me be the dominant one when i want to be(in our relationship in general) he doesn't realize how wonderful he is he's open to new things he's not addicted to video games (for the most part,lol) he doesn't mess with me when i'm pissed off he listens to my stupid little rants he likes animals he likes my hair (even though it canges on an almost monthly or weekly basis sometimes) He reminds me why i'm still alive.

Now i love him as only a friend and i'm gonna miss him when he moves

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1 Response Jul 28, 2010

Hmmm, that sweet. (:<br />
But I have a question, how can you have Love(d) someone? I thought when you love someone, you commit forever, love has no past tense form-- so if you 'loved' someone, you never truly did...