100 Reasons Why I Love Him

(No particular order)

  1. His eyes

  2. His lips

  3. His hair/hairstyle (so soft and I love how it looks on him)

  4.  His smile

  5. His little hands

  6. His body

  7. His laugh

  8. His fragility

  9. His kindness

  10. His big heart

  11. The way he looks at me

  12. How he kisses me

  13. How he hugs me

  14. His loyalty

  15. How passionate he is about his job

  16. How sweet he is

  17. The sex is great! (MUST ADMIT)

  18. His sense of humor

  19. How he loses control of his body when he laughs a lot

  20. His massages

  21. His cooking

  22. How he takes good care of himself

  23. When he is happy

  24. When he calls me “mon chipounet”

  25. When he whispers to me

  26. When he is playing with kids

  27. How caring he is with everyone

  28. His politeness

  29. How he rarely cusses

  30. When we cuddle

  31. How open-minded he is

  32. How romantic he is

  33. His dancing

  34. How sociable he is (even though I get jealous sometimes)

  35. How artistic he is

  36. How he enjoys talking to me

  37. He likes to please me

  38. He lets me please him

  39. He still loves cartoons!

  40. He makes me so proud

  41. How he calls me every day (when he can)

  42. His courage

  43. How selfless he is

  44. His intelligence

  45. How forgiving he is

  46. His charisma

  47. How he lets me treat him like a prince

  48. How he tolerates my weird habits

  49. How he compliments me

  50. How imaginative he is

  51. He is just so darn cute!

  52. How he enjoys eating (it’s amazing how he doesn’t gain any weight)

  53. When he says using his brain makes him lose calories

  54. How gracious he is

  55. How sensitive he is

  56. How he still knows how to surprise me

  57. How he still reacts (positively) to my surprises

  58. How he is not afraid to kiss me in public

  59. He is adventurous

  60. He makes holidays fun

  61. He is friendly

  62. He loves me!

  63. How we can spend one full hour in silence and don’t feel awkward at all!

  64. When he caresses my back

  65. When he lets me caress his back

  66. His optimism

  67. How he has a green-thumb

  68. His sexy French accent

  69. His curiosity

  70. His name

  71. How he loves reading

  72. How he still likes playing board games

  73. His vulnerability

  74. How he imitates Donald Duck (and fails. Sorry sweety)

  75. How it is hard to understand him when he speaks English

  76. How he loves babies

  77. How he lives puppies

  78. How he loves circus

  79. How he still loves carnivals

  80. He loves sweets!

  81. How he is a great friend

  82. His encouragements

  83. His fingers fit right between mine

  84. His empathy

  85. He still cares about his parents

  86. He calls me sexy

  87. How he pokes my belly (I should lose weight)

  88. He is so fun to be with

  89. How he wakes me up by kissing my eyelids

  90. How when I kiss his eyelids, he ends up laughing

  91. How he pouts cutely when I don’t want to do something he wants to do

  92. How he takes all the covers

  93. How he can transform a really boring story into something magical

  94. When he imitates me

  95. How he likes touching my philtrum (he is so weird)

  96. How he hates fights

  97. How he misses me when we are away from each other

  98. How he is easily amused

  99. He loves me

  100. I love him too

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1 Response Nov 25, 2011

This is beautiful. This guy sound's perfect. <3