100 Reasons & Things I Love About Him.

1. Your eyes
2.Your hair style
3.Your smile
4.Your chubby cheeks
5.Your body
6.Your hands
7.How tall you are
8.Your style
9.Your strength
10.How you’re 100 percent honest
11.Your kindness
12.If I’m grumpy you always know how to make me smile
13.How you take pride in how you look
14.The compliments you give me
15.How you touch my face when we kiss
16.The little looks you give me around friends
17.Your loyalty
18.Your compassion
19.The way you hold me
20.Your integrity
21.The way you liven up a room just by being in it
22.How much you taught be about myself
23.Your intelligence
24.I love to wake up with you by my side...It makes my days better You always make me feel that you are by my side no matter what
25.I love that feeling of being secure when you wrap your arms around me.
26.How you keep your cool when I do something stupid
27.Just being with you makes me feel like I can defy the whole world
28.Your small gestures that speak volumes about how much you care
29.You bring out the best in me
30.The sight of you brightens up my day
31.I can be clumsy and foolish when I am with you, yet know that your love for me will never diminish
32.We can talk about anything together no matter what
33.Your understanding
34.Your forgiving
35.How your my best friend
36.You always put me first
37.Your thoughtful
38.Your sweet
39.The sex!
40.You look sexy playing basketball
41.Your sexy when you sweat
42.Your comforting
43.Sleeping in your arms
44.Watching TV
45.I can trust you
46.Wrestling with you, even if you always win
47.Your sense of humour
48.Your spontaneous
49.How your adventurous
50.Your massages
51.Seeing you happy
52.We sometimes think alike
53.Being a major part in your life
54.Your courageous
55.Having each other’s back no matter what
56.You smell good
57.Even your feet
58.Fun to be around
59.Our alone time
60.You’re accepting
61.You’re better than every other guy I’ve been with
62.You make me feel secure
63.You’re clean
64.You’re perfect
65.We communicate well
66.How you think I’m your “Uptown Girl”
67.When you cuddle with me
68.When you keep me warm
69.When you beat box
70.The beats you make on your computer
71.When you sing, even though you’re not very good at it
72.The way you dance
73.You help me figure out who I am
74.The silly things you say
75.How you don’t like talking on the phone, but for me you stay on for hours
76.How much you care, even though you try and hide it.
77.Your hugs! So firm and safe
78.How we argue—about funny things
79.The taste and feel of your kiss
80.How you can easily turn me on.
81.You make me feel like I’m worth something
82.Blowfish kisses
83.How comfortable you are around me
84.You get along with my parents
85.You’re always there for me
86.You keep your promises
87.You accept who you are, and don’t let anyone break or make you.
88.The songs that remind you of me.
89.How I still get butterflies when someone says your name
90.Your cute facial expressions
91.Your taste in music
92.The way you kiss my neck
93.The little things you do for me
94.You think I’m always beautiful, even when I look my worst
95.How you’re still holding me close and tight when I wake up
96.How we fell asleep on the couch, everyone thought we were cute.
97.Our pictures!
98.There’s no one else who’s even close like you! You’re unique, perfect.
99.You’re a hardworking person, yet also stubborn and lazy. But I love it anyways
100.How jealous you are of my guy friends, even though they compare nothing to you!
101.How you look like a teddy bear!
102.You never really say anything negative about me unless I deserve it.
103.Your sexy but.
104.How you love my personality
105.Playing with your hair
106.You make me feel safe
107.We talk about anything and everything
108.You’re just so gosh darn sexy
109.How you watch boring movies with me
110.When you look so serious
111.When you’re curious
112.You just look so hot when you’re angry
113.How you laugh at me when I wear your shirts that go down to my ankles
114.You help me face my fears
115.You make me feel comfortable with my body
116.How you think I’m so smart
117.How you think I’m talented
118.How you spend your whole weekend with me
119.How you like the feeling of “pricklies” on my legs
120.The way you look at me
121.Our notes.
122.How I can actually wear heals around you, even though I’m still short.
123.You’re smart
124.How you do things with such grace and perfection
125. How you can't get to sleep without me tracing my fingers along your chest and stomache.
126. Instant goosebumps.
127.Your nibbles.

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love that nobody cares that you went over 100! love it!!!

Um, so I just had a quick glance over this list after seeing the comments of misused 'your/you're' anddddd I didn't find any mistakes. Not saying that there are no mistakes of this kind buuuttttt I didn't see any. I would at least KNOW the difference between your and you're before I embarrass myself over telling someone off about their own CORRECT grammar! That is all. (:

You used the wrong form of "your/you're" for like everything on here....

Oh my word get over it. Does it honestly matter? They were just simply listing reasons why they loved someone. Does it honestly matter what your they used?

To me, yeah. Good grammar is important. Especially when you're trying to impress a guy. Intelligence is sexy.

What's really funny is she did in fact use correct grammar and it seems that you need to work on your own grammar and intelligence.

Actually what's really funny is that you are totally wrong. "Your courageous. Your comforting"? Incorrect grammar. You ARE courageous, you ARE comforting = you're. Go back to high school, sweet heart :)

Actually, for the most part she did use correct grammar, and whenever she tried to use the apostrophe it came out as "you’re", so maybe she was trying to avoid having that issue the whole way through.

#103. *butt. ;)

Lolol! And just for the record, my browser does not show "you&rsquo:re."

Normally, I have an issue with improper grammar and spelling. The numbers which should be "you're" but are written "your" are ... 33, 34, 35, 37, 38, 41, 42, 48, 49 and 54 ... however ... my guess would be, that because all of the rest are typed correctly, that perhaps she "borrowed" those from another list (because they suited her relationship as well) ... copied and pasted them ... someone else's grammar mistakes which she (perhaps maybe) forgot to fix. Regardless ... WHO CARES!!! Too bad someone saw the mistakes but missed the WHOLE POINT! Obviously a good, decent, caring guy who makes his "girl" feel good, special, needed and wanted just the way she is, and a "girl" who loves her "guy" the same just the way he is. #57 slight giggle - for personal reason - cute! P.S ... Ind143 ... "for like" ... yes, absolutely proper grammar! Grmph! And just a small FYI ... proper grammatical typing is one space after a mid sentence punctuation and two spaces after an ending one. Perhaps note and correct YOUR OWN mistakes before critical of others for theirs. To queenisabella ... very nice!!

Holy hell. I guess I should read your comment and take serious note of your impeccable grammar, MaidInCanada... ... ...

Oh, and punctuation. Haha. Just kidding.

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When I read these it made me think of my and my boyfriend straight away
i miss him so much. <3 xxxxxxxxxx

I suddenly remember my boyfriend. That makes me more inspired. 😍 But mine is a quite lover. He's not the guy will kiss always in public only if i will send him to train to take home. ;(
Isn't bad?

I really loved it a lot and I could relate almost each of it with my boyfriend and me! I want to shout out to the world how much I love him! reading each of these made me happier! so cute!<3<3 I love my baby!

need a GF ask the stupid girl queenisabella. ;D

i am so happy with my boyfriend.But shy cos he is too HOT!

plz like



i should say this to my bf haha i can't wait

this is very romantic, I'm trying to say this to my boyfriend but I'm still shy. :)


Sounds like he's got a controlling side <br />
Be aware and not submissive!<br />
I'm just sayin' - I've been there and I see some 'red flags' here

Theres 127 not 100 :P

Nice. Love is in the air. It's so cute when a person is head over hells over another like me :p There are different ways of expressing our feelings. Keep falling in love over and over again.<br />

this is really cute :)