1) I consider my self as a worker, I I want something, I will do my bed to get it

2) I love the gym and exercise, feeling like a train has hit you after smashing yourself and your limits is the best feeling in the world

3) I have played rugby for around about 7 seasons, I progressed very quickly at first, however now I am almost going stale and this is frustrating the hell out of me

4) I am an emotional person, I show them and embrace them. They are the driving force of everything I do

5) I open up WAY to quickly, I fall in love WAY too quickly and I trust people way to quickly... These all lead to some awkward moments and feelings

6) Because I work so hard at self improvements, I get very angry very quickly when it doesn't go the way I planned... I am working on controlling an directing this anger

7) I have constructive ways of dealing with anger, I often go to the gym or do press ups at home. Once I Start the anger is like fuel to the flame, the best gym sessions I have ever had were all anger fuelled.

8) I also have destructive ways of dealing with anger, like any teenage boy, I hit things, hard. Walls, pallets of sand at work, the ground, even my car...

9) I much prefer the night to the day, there are less people to distract me from my goals and I can get way more done

10) although I love them, I feel my friends are an anchor dragging in the sand behind me... I have gone from never even thinking about drugs to trying weed twice in a few months. I don't like that I have done it and yet I can help but want more.... No I am not addicted!

11) despite what I say about my friends I believe they are also my tether to reality, sometimes I get too wrapped up in work or rugby and I stop getting that down time I need to recover mentally

12) I can't let go of the past, this is one of my biggest down falls. I will be fine at work and something will pop I to my head from a year ago and I will get so angry I will blank out the world

13) I want to be a royal marine commando within the next 4-5 years (with my training completed) virtually everything I do is moulded and aimed at giving me the best chance to succeed with this goal

14) I have one friend that understands my desire to become a marine. In fact he shares the same dream and we are trying to support each other in our journey as much as possible

15) all of these thing I have mentioned makes me a person you will either love or hate.
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Some we have in common lol

Right, anyone's in particular

they are all very serious i don like it hah

Love me or hate me 😂😂😂

hate u

Awh well then 😒😊