1) I have a soft heart, don't tread on it. 2) I'm REALLY shy IRL and it takes a lot to get me going. 3) I'm introverted. 4) If I could, I'd have a room full of kawaii plushies. 5) I'm hungry. 6) I love to cuddle. 7) I'm emotional. 8) I am a deep thinker. 9) I am a people pleaser. 10) I know what I want in life, it's just getting about it that's the real trouble. 11) I want a maltipoo. 12) I love sitting on beaches in gloomy weather. 13) I get really lonely sometimes. 14) I'm always the one left behind. 15) I am not a sex toy.
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22-25, F
1 Response Aug 19, 2014

I must be lol

Dude, I just divulged 15 personal things about me and all you want to know is how big my boobs are? Are you dumb?

You're seriously dumb. A