Two Grand Babies...

Our grandson's biological father was a real bastard. He was very good looking and he knew it. But to try to sit down and have a simple conversation with him was impossible! He got 2 or 3 other women pregnant at the same time that my daughter was pregnant with his child. He broke my daughter's nose when my grandson was only 2 months old. The father ended up absconding, the police never did find him because he moved to Illinois. At the time, I thought that my daughter should have an abortion, but now I'm so happy that she didn't because my grandson is so dear to me! He just turned 10 last year and despite him being the spittin' image of his biological father, I'm pretty certain that he is going to be a much better man when he grows up! To date, he has never met his biological father and we hope that he never does! The biological father's mother is in the picture, sometimes...when she wants to be that is, but not consistently like we are.

Our grand daughter just turned 4 and is from another man who dated my daughter only for just a few months. She was living with us at the time when she found out that she was pregnant. She was going to have an abortion, but I talked her out of it and told her that we would help her all that we could if she would keep it! She wanted a baby girl so badly that she listened to me! Thank God! Now we have a gorgeous little grand daughter and even her biological father and his folks are all in her life (he's really a super sweet guy too!) as well!

These are our last grand babies for my daughter has had her tubes cut, tied and caulderized for good. That is both a blessing and a curse because if anything ever happens to them, our family name will die out.

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Mar 12, 2010