My Cats Are ....... Kinky

She's headed for the BATHROOM ..... Hurry .... RUN. Get there before she closes the door, she might do ' that thing.'
Oh,boo! She is only brushing her teeth.... No, wait. Oh yeah ...... She's taking off her clothes ..... I think I'll rub her legs ! Look what's in the waste basket..... A funky Kleenex ! It's mine.....ok, flip ya for it. Let's peek at her while she's in the shower.....euwwww. I'll roll over on my back, and pretend I like her. You hungry? Me too! For now, let's just chew on her vitamin bottle. She's getting out....I like they way she smelled BEFORE the shower, let's go find those yard clogs......Mmmmmm...yummy.

I have not had privacy in the bathroom for several years now ..... At least these 2 think I am VERY INTERESTING .....
Kathieredart Kathieredart
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3 Responses Apr 10, 2012

I think it's cute when my cats run to hang out with me in the bathroom. Nice to have company while getting ready for the day.

Ha....yes, they are constant companions...I'll admit, I would miss them if they didn't follow me....

I always hated it when my furry baby came into the bathroom with me. Made me wonder if he was a pervie! I got it to stop when I decided to give him a shower too! Mine was a dog though, obviously. ;)

Ha....your pup just wanted to be with cats follow me from room to room.... Cute. Cute and annoying.

Cats are JUST like children :p

Children eventually use the toilet! Hi gilly. Oxo