My 2 Babies

I've always loved animals, especially cats.  One day I finally had enough money to go to the pound and rescue a kitty.  Guess what?  They had a buy one cat and get one cat for free.  Yah!!!  So I started looking at the older cats and found a shy and afraid 10 year old girl named Crystal.  She was so unhappy and I just knew that she was mine.  I wanted her to have a friend of course but a friend who was young to help keep her young at heart so I picked out a kitten who was 8 wks old.  Her name is Sophie.  I kept their original names from the pound of course.  Crystal is an amazing girl,  she is super furry and sheds an incredible amount so anyone who likes me knows they have to put up with cat hair.  Crystal is a flame point siamese with the most brilliant blue eyes and Sophie is a tabby with white paws and bib and beautiful gold eyes.  I couldn't imagine life without them.  When I brought them home Crystal hid under my bed and wouldn't come out for a month, she was terrified, it made me sad to think of what she may have been through and Sophie was a spit fire, racing UP peoples legs.  The two eventually became great friends.  Sophie loves to lay on my lap and sleep and Crystal loves so sit by me and get brushed.  They both love when someone comes to visit.  They are right there getting hair all over people.  hehe.  My girls are my life, they keep me going.
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Nice of you to rescue an older cat. So many won't because they know that the vet bills will be happening due to health problems that happen with older cats, and that they don't have a lot of years left, but the old cats need love, too. They deserve the best the world has to offer, and apparently, you are one of the worlds best.