They arnt mine they are my boyfriends but they both call me dad so thats i need to call them my kids! Goodwind is 4 and Riley is 18! Riley made a big milestone today he graduated high school! It was an emotional day for all of us! Riley is like his dad and wets the bed does anyone know if its normal if an 18 year old wets the bed 5-7 times a week?? Riley wont let us take him to the doctor tho......... So if someone could plz tell me what might be going on! Goodwind is a normal 4 year old! He is also like his dad and wets the bed and has accidents at daycare.....I love them both buy unfortunately we say goodbye to riley actually in 2 hours! He is moving to New york at 2 in the morning he is moving down there for collage but its way to early you might think but he found a job downn there and it was a to good of a deal to pass up! I love them so much!
Brianhrocks Brianhrocks
22-25, M
May 21, 2012