my two kids, affectionately called thing one and thing two, are the only right decision i have made in my life.

with out the two pure creatures i have brought in this world, i am not sure i would make it out of bed everyday. they help me want to be a better person. i have never cared so much or so deeply for anything or anyone as i do my kiddos.

i have been in love with them since their little gooey faces looked up at me with eyes blinking wide and they stopped screaming. that look of complete and utter amazement that happens between a child and a mother for the first time. it's like they look at you with the most intense stare imaginable and become silent and just stare like they are saying "hey, it's you!"

i am so glad that i am a mother, nothing would ever compare to it in this world, forever humbling, learning, loving, compromising, finding patience, the ability to laugh at yourself and the little sticky hands that find your nicest clothing at a restaurant for a napkin. i wouldn't trade it for anything. ever.

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I can so relate to this...

I know exactly what you mean and feel : )