My Family Pt 1

This is all true.

Ok. Well i have 2 older brothers and 1 older sister. Their names r Zack, Shane, and Rachel. My name is Alex. Im 12, 5'1, 115lbs, blonde hair+blue eyes. (I also got both my ears pierced woot! xD) Rachel is 18, 5'5, 146lbs, long brown hair w/ blonde highlights+brown eyes. Zackary (he likes 2 be called zack) is 22, 6'0, 247lbs, dirty blonde hair+blue eyes. Shane.... (i h8 him so much xD) hes 42, 6'3, brown hair+brown eyes. Hes also married (-.-) he has 2 kids. Danny(17) blonde hair+teal eyes bout 5'6 and nick(19) brown hair+brown eyes. His wife Molly, 41, 5'9, blonde hair+blue eyes.

Ok. Now the story begins. Me and zack were watchin tv. The doorbell rings. I go answer it. It was shane+his family. I was surprised 2 c him. I said "wazzup bro." and huged him. I shook all of their hands. I invited them in. i said 2 danny&nick "i wanna show u guys something" they said "k". I take them 2 my room. I show them my new bed (:P). They said "nice bed bro." i said "thanks." we go down the steps 2 go back downstsairs. On the first step, i felt cold hands go down the back of my jeans. They grabed my boxers. I turned around and said "nick plz don-" i was given a bouncin wedgie. I said "n-nick p-plz s-stop!" molly screamed "nick! Put him down this instant!" nick said "as u wish." and droped me. I started 2 roll down 15 steps. Molly had fire in her eyes. Shane ran 2 my side and asked if i was alright. I said "ya bro. Im fine." shane and zack ran up the stairs and grabed nick.

Comment if i should continue this. Btw this is all true.
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I'm curious lol

Interested to see where this is going