My Adult Sons

I an so very proud of my sons. The oldest , at thirty , is a responsible dad and husband.

He has a great career and is a terrific daddy. His two little boys are shining examples of

his good parenting and love! My daughter-in-law is great too.She is  one of my best

friends & a really good mom. 

 Thier son Luke has very mild autismn. They got right on it and got him the

best help , teachers and groups! They are so good for them both.

My other son is Matthew. He is 25. He is planning to be an electrical enginner. Matt has

worked from the day that he gratuated high school. He goes to school at night. And works

Saturdays. He also does volunteer work. Putting light fixures and fans up for older folks.

I have bragged enough (sorry). I just wanted to share about my awesome boys!

debysboys27 debysboys27
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7 Responses Mar 24, 2009

Thanks sweetie!!!!

Thanks for that. Mattthews wife had a baby girl. I am <br />
<br />
thrilled beyond words. Sadie Annalisa. She is a beauty!

I have 3 adult sons, I could brag , but I will another<br /> are proud, of your kids, and thats wonderful!<br />
I am sure you raised them well...

True that.......

no ones perfect!!

Thanks a lot! They are good guys! It feels funny<br />
<br />
bragging about them though!They certainly are not<br />
<br />

you are very blessed with 2 fine young men you raised! You should be boasting more! great job debby!!