My '22' Happenings

I guess I have always been aware of the things around me such as certain names and numbers etc ... certain warning signs you could say.

It never really bothered me, but lately it has been going on everyday and it is starting to worry me.

I went through the check-out to see the check-out chick reacting to something and showing her co-worker the total of my shopping, it had come to $222.22.

I took a photo of my receipt as proof as it spun me out.

Since then I feel like numbers have been haunting me, times on clocks, my laptop, , my phone, text msgs, just all sorts.

Then to google it and find out I'm not the only one =) it was a relief... now I just don't know what to expect and if to expect anything at all :/
carmz82 carmz82
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2 Responses Oct 6, 2013

i looked this up ,angel numbers 2222 see what you make of it,

I'm experiencing the same thing. Every day. At every possible chance. 22:22, 14:14, 11:11.

I've started keeping a log of these events to try and find a connection but am starting to realize the idea that these 'occurrences' may be bigger than just one person. Would love to get your experiences if you too decided to keep a log.

Would love to know if you have come up any ideas of why you see these number sequences.