Question About 3 Mad Cats!

I have 3 young cats, Banshee the eldest is nearly 2, Storm is nearly one and Luna is 3 months old!!! Luna is still very nervous but I hope it won't take her long to join in the madness of the other two!! Question is, how is the best way to introduce a young kitten to the 2 others. When Storm arrived she and Banshee just seemed to get along straight away but I am not so sure about the new one. Banshee isn't bothered too much but Storm is. Any advice welcome!!!
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1 Response Jan 18, 2011

This happened to me too. We had two cats at first, Cherry and Pogo. They got along great because they lived in the same room at the cat shelter. We got Binky when he was three monthes from a lady at my job. We had the first two for about five or so monthes before we got Binky. Cherry, having been attacked by a male cat, and full of anxiety, HATED Binky. Pogo was just curious about the new little ball of fluff. Cherry would walk past the cat cubby where Binky would hide in and hiss at him.

This is what we did: we kept Binky in the same room as us all day. If Cherry hissed at him, we would put her in time out in the kennel cage for about ten minutes to let her know such an attitude will not be tolerated. I would let Binky have his alone time but would also cuddle him periodically and let him see the other cats. When we went to work, we kept Binky in our room with food, water, litter box, and toys, to keep Cherry away from, in case she tried to attack to him or something. Plus he was so small, he could fit into tiny places and we were afraid he'd hurt himself. When we got home, we made him come into the living room but he would hide in his cubby. We continued to put Cherry in ten minute time outs if she hissed or growled at Binky. At night, when we slept, Binky slept in our room in the kennel, to keep him safe. Eventually, Binky noticed that Pogo never hissed and was just curious. Binky warmed up to Pogo and now treats him like a big brother. They do everything together, from napping, eating, playing. Eventually, Cherry stopped hissing and only regarded Binky warily. Eventually, with Binky feeling comfortable and exploring through the house, she got used to seeing him eating from there food bowel, drinking from their water, and using there littler box. Eventually, Binky felt safe to sniff noses with her and she accepted it. Eventually, they started to play a little bit, although Cherry seemed to look at him as something to smack around occasionally. It took about a month, but Cherry got comfortable with him, and sometimes they even cuddle together, and they play together as well. Cherry accepts Binky fully, and Binky likes to pounce on her tail.

It takes time, but must be done slowly. It's good if Luna and Banshee get along. Storm might see that and realize, "Hey, this little guy might not be so bad after all." Eventually, Storm won't mind Luna at all and they might even become really good buddies. Sorry this was so long, but I hope it helps!