I Have Three Beautiful Children

I have three beautiful children two sons and a daughter, who are an absolute delight and joy to my heart, they are aged 24 22 and 14..

They are the most wonderful children any mother could ever dream of having, respectful, kind , caring, intelligent, honest thoughtful, fun loving, giving, loving..

I believe the reason I am seeing this fruit in their lives today is a result of lots of love, love and more love, including loving discipline when they were young and training them right, an undisciplined child brings shame to his/her mother is what my mother always taught me!

Always being their friend and always there to listen, encouraging them in all their endeavours and telling them how great they are at everything they do ( even when they do fail) never put them down and teach them that there is no such word as "cant" enabled them to do the impossible and break many barriers emotionally and financially

...My children believe that "anything is possible" because thats what I taught them and they have proved it in their lives! I always told them how beautiful they are no matter what others think of them.


What a wonderful gift we have been given in our children, we just need to constantly steer them in the right direction and help them to think right and say only positive and nice things especially about others, because what we sow in this life we will some day reap..Its a law!




Diane31 Diane31
36-40, F
Jun 18, 2008