My Boston Gang!

I have 3 Boston terriers one of which is special needs. I have a 3 Year old girl named pixie, an 8 month old named Dudley, and a 12 week old named Cooper. Dudley is what they call a mismarked Boston he was born a light brindle and had one blue eye. He is blind in that eye and suffers from dry eye in both. All 3 of my Boston's are rescues. People think I am crazy for having 3 dogs, but try make my life complete. Life would be boring without them. I have always been an animal lover and having 3 dogs seems normal to me, lol. I recently got married and my friends keep telling me when my husband and I have a child having 3 dogs and a baby will be too difficult and dangerous. This makes no sense to me. We live in a good sized house with a huge yard and my dogs are well behaved and trained. Has anyone else with 3 dogs run into this negativity? Advice? Stories? Thanks!

Basketfullofbostons Basketfullofbostons
May 20, 2012