That I Love Ever So Dearly!

The cute little thing in the picture is actually my beloved Squid who passed away not too long ago. She was by far the sweetest rat I have ever come across. She loved as more than she loved the other rats... All she wanted to do was be with us. Unfortunately from day one she had a weak immune system and was quite sick. She was on anti-biotics for most of the 7 months of her way too short life, and one night when my boyfriend and I fell asleep after a few drinks, little Squiddy (as she did) decided to quench her thirst with a bit of rum at the bottom of a cup on the bedroom floor. Sadly we didn't realise what had happened until it all clicked the next morning. She was acting really funny, extra clingy. And the next morning she was gone :(

I got a little carried away with that story. But my 3 current rats are also little sweetie pies.

I have Baby (a dark brown hooded). She was named Baby because....we never came up with a name. But it's kind of fitting... in both an ironic and contradictive way. When we brought her home from the pet shop she had been mistakenly kept in the enclosure with heaps of other boys as she was assumed a boy (she was so tiny when we almost couldn't really tell whether she was a girl or a boy), she had bites all over her feet and to this day is missing 2 pinkies (lol!) She's never really liked us... as much as we've tried to tame her. She's just her own rat, and enjoys only the company of the other rats. She is such a fatty too. My nickname for her is Dinosaur-head. Because unlike the other angelic little rats she is such a chunker!

Then we have PEPE LA PEW! Who holds a very special place in my heart. She's all over grey. With a white mask (not hood) and a white diamond on her belly. From day one she has been like Squid - just loved us. She is the tamest rat we've had yet, for her age. She's only 11 weeks now. And she's tamer than Squid was after a fair few months. So I can tell she is going to be a special one!

And last but certainly not least, is PEANUT! She's an orange/yellow hooded. And she is just so god damn cute. Her bright yellow face is just the sweetest little thing - and she's only 7 weeks old just now. It wasn't hard to name her. She looks like a little peanut. Ha. And she's really got some balls the way she wrestles around with th other two.

There is nothing sweeter than watching 3 rats follow eachothers tails around the room. And roll around in a big ball.


Thanks for taking the time to meet my wonderful babies :)

jasminjane jasminjane
18-21, F
Oct 22, 2009