How To Hide An Office Romance ???

Having an affair with a co-worker, but fearing that it might land your job in trouble? Well, now you can hide that office romance by following only a few tips.

Here is a set of guidelines on how to conceal your passionate office romp...

Don't change your routine

The best way to conceal an office romance and cast a protective shell around your new relationship is to maintain your schedule throughout the work day. Nothing should change. People always notice significant changes in routine, especially if they're the gossipy office types, so avoid doing anything out of the ordinary. This means no lunches with your new partner; especially if you've never been known to socialize with this person on a friendly basis before.

Keep it to yourself

You may have a few close friends at work with whom you really want to share the events of your recent hookup, but you can't give in to this urge. This is a very crucial rule to follow when you want to conceal an office romance. Don't brag to them in your office and send them away with a vow never to tell anyone. It's acceptable to tell friends or family who don't work in the office, but you better make damn sure they have no possible connection to your workplace.

Don't document it

There are a number of ways to conceal an office romance while communicating with your love during the workday. You might think you can get away with sending 100 e-mails back and forth every day, but do not use your business address. Most companies have internal servers that can track any and all e-mails sent between employees, and if anybody over in IT happened to look, they would find more than enough evidence to convict.

Restrict yourself to cell phone texts and voice mail; anything that has a chance of being seen by a co-worker isn't worth the risk.

Avoid attending office social gatherings together
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Apr 20, 2011