I Have Six Dogs and Two Pups

   Most of my dogs are rescues, all but the pups are spayed and neutored. I love my dogs very much and they do me. Thing is though I can't rescue anymore we are at our limit here on the farm. There are plenty of animal lovers like me that are in the same predicament.

  It would be great if there were tax breaks to encourage people to spay and neutor their animals. I believe that would help the animal shelters and animal rescues tremendously and also put a dent in animal cruelty.

  I know of someone who's dog was brutally murdered. You can read the story at http://www.comthepetitionsite.com/1/maximum-penality-for-the-men-who-hacked-up-a-puppy and PLEASE sign the petition to help put these killers behind bars. This grieving owner needs our support.

          THANK YOU


betchaboots betchaboots
41-45, F
Jan 30, 2009