Lets Try For A Boy,please?

My husband and i had 2 healthy girls,3 years apart. I had a IUD put in after my 2nd and was fine with 2 kids! My husband started asking me for another try at a boy and i said no for about 10 months. Then i gave in and had the iud removed. I got pregnant within 2 months. Ten months later i gave birth to a beautifull baby GIRL! :) I knew i didnt want more kids so we discssed our options,and at my 8 week check up we decided to get my tubes tied,by law she had to give me 30 days to think about it,i agreed and we used condoms for those 30 days. I called the doctor and made my appointment and she was on vacation for 3 weeks. No biggie,i made the appointment and went in 3 weeks later. We talked about it and i agreed i was ok with it,but the nurse came in and yea,congrats,your PREGNANT!!!! I about died!!!! I know the old saying, everything happens for a reason,and this was that time. I went to to hospital for blood work and yup,i was 3 weeks pregnant. My daughter was only 4 months old so yea i was freaking out,but i wouldnt change it for the world. My husband now has his son he always wanted,he just turned 3 in march :) I love being a mother of 4 :)
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1 Response May 15, 2012

yea it was rough for a while but now that there 3,4,8 and 11 its better lol