Meet My Own Personal Bradybunch

All them with different personalities.
My eldest is a girl...third grade...8 going on Sweet Sixteen!
Quiet and shy but with a wild streak. Wants to be popular and fashionable. Not so into sports but loves to dance. Not the best singer...but she loves to sing. A great artist...she can really draw. Not so good at math.

My four year old little girl is the loudest and most outgoing of all my children. She wants to be just like her father and we call her his junior. So talented- can sing, dance, dress, just a regular little Miss Priss. But tough as nails at the same time. Can fight, is scared of no one, and probably be a really great athlete as well.

My son is a year and a half. He is built to play football (his little round head). A little confused with so many sisters...always have to remind him to put down the purse. At one he already loves to make people laugh. He clings to me and is my heart. I really will miss these days- he gives me kisses on demand and hates when I leave the room. He sings to me and loves to mimic the music that he hears. I wonder what he will do and what he will be.

My youngest is two months and she has just got the hang of smiling. She pushes up on her arms and swings her head back and forth to see everything. She has started cooing at me...which is so adorable. She mean mugs everyone- we almost thought she couldn't and wouldn't smile at first. I wonder what she will do and what she will be.

I am greatful for my children. They are my laughs, my life, my heart. Very rarely is there a dull day with so many of them, but it is what I always wanted. Growing up, it was just my sister and me- no extended family just our immediate four. I guess the extended family had too much drama for my parents to handle (9 on my dad's side and 4 on my mom's) but it left me lonely. With four of my own, the holidays feel a lot less lonely.
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31-35, F
Nov 28, 2012