My 5 Loves

Salem I got after a miscarriage I  in 2008, to tend my motherly feelings on.. He's Black and A monster now, he has adorable greeneyes.
Liliana (Lily)is A gray beautiful green eyed Angel, She is a lap cat and my sleeping buddy.
She Curls her tail and makes the sweetest purr noise, she's named after what My daughter would of been named Liliana Rose P.

As Lily grew Salem and her became lovers and truly love each other unconditionally.
One day when Mom and Dad wasn't home and Lily was going into heat Salem had his way with her.

Lily still loves him, and after a time period on May 23rd 2010 Lily gave birth to 3 beautiful black green eyed kittens.
one of them has a tint of gray. But Daddy Salem dominated those babies.

Xerxes, Athena and Leonidas.

And Those are my best friends at heart.
MsBlueEyes88 MsBlueEyes88
22-25, F
Jul 30, 2010