Any Day Now...

I will become a mother of 5. My husband David and I have a daughter, Savanah Rayne, 8, and three sons, Ayden Elijah, 5, Evan Tobias, 3, and Micah Benjamin, 18 months.
Did I ever believe in a million years I'd have so many children before I'd even turn 30? No way. But that familiar aching for another always returned as my babies grew and grew.
Now I'm 36 weeks pregnant with our fourth son, who's name will be Kye Grayson. I am anxious and nervous, and I wonder why has God blessed me so abundantly? 5 great pregnancies, 4, hopefully 5 fantastic births. It is hard to say I don't want more. Truthfully, after four boys in a row, my heart aches for a little girl, a sister for my daughter, something I never got to have. But the Lord knows what he's doing, and I know my body can't take anymore pregnancies!

I can't wait to meet everyone and chat.
Nutmeg4 Nutmeg4
26-30, F
May 5, 2012