I Really Need Help!

First off I have a group of friends and I am falling out with them one by one. I have episodes where I cry for no reason, and destruct things. I am over the top excited and happy for no absolute reason, and the next I have headches and feel sad and depressed.

The worst part about all of this is that NO ONE I know understands me so I have no one to talk to so its all bottled in . Today it happened in public walking to my dorm and it was so embarrasing but I couldn't control it. I came back and completely destroyed our apartment and cried and collapsed on the steps until I had the strength to get back up. Im not really sure if Im bipolar or not because I haven't gotten professional help yet. But sometimes I feel the urge to either drink or get high.

Sometimes I just want 2 sleep and never wake up. This is affecting my school work and relationships with loved ones. My nerves are seriously on edge. I'm afraid that if I dont get help soon or find some one who understands me to talk, I will take a bottle of pills and die peacefully in my sleep or off some one in the process. PLEASE HELP ME!


msconfused msconfused
2 Responses Feb 23, 2009

wow i sorta feel the same way, i cry randomly, and tend to get mad all of a sudden, im sure if ur religious but u should really meditate and read the bible to that god will help with these "emotions" any thing negative you think of is bad or demonic forces

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