Seven Cats

I have seven cats and feel honored.  'They picked me.

















I have 7 cats and 3 dogs and I feeled honored that they all picked me. My oldest cat is Phelan. I found him on a busy street and brought him home for safety.  He is very smart.  He taugt himself how to open doors from outside or in.  and has caused a problem by letting the whold gang go on a free for all about the neighbor hood. 'Anyhow I like phelan. HE is10 years old.l  'then there is Pinky who iadopted from my son as he and his girlfriend grokeup and were in a custody battle over so I drove 600 miles and kidnapped her and now my home is her home. Then ther is Grey Kitty that belonged to the whole neighborhood. He survived Hurricane Rita outside so I adoped him It took him a year to let me pet him and aonther to come in the house.He sits by my computer.  Then there is Crackers who I found on a stump of a tree cut doen from the hurricane.  She was alone and tiny so guess what I took her home and she is still visitng.  Cat #6 is "Geraldine,solid black and I have never seen a more bonding cat.  /she found my dad and after he fell and broke his leg (my dad) Geraldine would wait for him in be at nite after having a wheelchair ride. My dad fell again and broke his back then again and broke the other hip.  He is now in an assisted living home and Precious 'geraldine cant go with him. I would never give her up and now she waidt in my bed for me at nite.  Now #7 is Ms Callie a beautiful feral cat I foundat my dads and brought her home and tamed her somewhat.  She doesnt start fights and should be elected to the peace train committee. Oh I forgot to mention Button C we found her as a 4 week old kitten all alone. beautiful blue eyes. She is a siamese and can be fiesty.  I just hope i outlive my animals so I dont worry about them not having a home. they all have their own personalities just like people but I enjoy them .  If I can figure out how to get a picture on here of them I will.









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Mar 12, 2010