A Man With a Problem

i have a girlfriend who belittles, fights, disrespects, criticizes, and emotionally tears me down. she hates my friends and family and demands things in such a way, i feel that if i dont give in, she will cheat or leave me.

i have left her before and she threatened suicide, after our "peace talk" she tried showing me that she could change and i gave her that chance. as far as chances go i am now close to the double digits. i dont know what keeps me coming back. 


Smaug717 Smaug717
2 Responses Mar 27, 2009

My husband and I have been together 7 years now and never even fight. Love is not supposed to hurt. Do you feel that you deserve to be treated that way? If not, then leave. Threatening suicide is very manipulative and usually only done to get the person to stay. If she really did commit suicide then it is because she has very very deep seeded problems that you have nothing to do with. Make the break, get your life back on track to where you love yourself and then find someone who loves you just the way you are. Love is soft, comfortable, easy, and feels good. Hate is manipulative, screaming, name calling, hitting, cheating, threatening. No one should tolerate being treated like that or treat someone else that way. Hope this helps. :)

hey, in my mind if you leave someone once the was a reason, no one needs to be in a relationship where the is more bad than good,Ive ben with my man for nearly 7 years and we have never separated...<br />
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good luck