Sailors Are ******* Trouble

Id not heard anything so on Monday night almost 4 nights after he left my home after the argument i decided to call his old phone which he said was broken. 

It rang! He could have rang me, he did have my number on that phone. This angered me, Why? why would he do this? We had worse fights than this why would he just ignore me.

I rang a few times then sent him a text. Yes it was a angry text not too bad though.

He still didn't reply so i text again, and once more after, i didn't get a reply off the last either. I was about to loose the will to carry this on.
The phone rang it was a unknown number.

I answered thinking it would be him. It was his mum iv never met his mum before. She told me that he had gone back down to the Navy on Saturday night. he had left without even saying a word. All i would have asked for was a note just to say why.

He hadn't taken any phones and had just gone. She said he hadnt said why he had gone. He was just really upset.
I couldn't believe that after everything he would do this to me. I would never ever do this to him.
His mum also asked me why i was black mailing him. The first text that i had sent his phone was about me sending a letter down to the navy with his details and a few pictures of him in uniform. I never asked for the pics he just sent them me
You see when your training you are not allowed to take pictures of yourself and send them.
The thing is i never mentioned in the text what was in the letter. The only person that knew this was him! So for her to know he would have had to tell her. I know see that he hadn't seen his mum until after the argument so this means he would have had to go home and tell her it then.
I told her i didn't want to ruin his career i just wanted to speak to him. 

Since then iv been thinking things just don't work out. I don't think he would go back in down to the navy everyones on holiday so no one would be there it would be all closed up. Also he's not the kinder guy to book into a hotel. Plus he's quite skint. Put this together and i believe he's still at home and he's told his mum that il send the pictures if he finishes it so they both have got together and done this.

All he had to do is be a man and explain that it was over and then that would be fine and i could move on. This way i just don't know what he's thinking its all his way and its just not fair.

After much conversation with friends and family i have decided to give him a few days to think things through and contact with the results. If i don't hear anything from him by friday i will post the images myself to the careers office in Manchester. Then  can truly be emotionally free. I never deserved this treatment and unless he explains his actions il play silly games with him too.

samscleverbox samscleverbox
22-25, F
Aug 10, 2010