My Child Is Autistic, a Challenge But a True Blessing

Five years ago I was blessed with a 7lb 4oz beautiful baby boy.  My husband and I were trying to get pregnant for 3 years and nothing worked.  I tried fertility diets to fertility pills for  a year in a half and nothing worked at all.  Then finally two years later after all of that stuff I became pregnant.  My pregnancy was awesome my baby came on time and everything was exactly the way I planned it would be everything except the autism part.  As a newborn my son was doing everything he was suppose to be doing, as an infant my son hit every milestone on time or either a little earlier than other children did.  I remember that at 14mos old he was saying sentences and then he went for his 15 month old check up and received the mmr vaccine and within that month he started banging his head, and was sick all the time with ear infections, always crying and wouldnt talk anymore and wouldnt play with his toys the way he was used to instead of coloring he would line his crayons up, instead of pushing the cars on the floor he would flip them over and spin the tires and instead of talk he would just squeal and scream and then bang his head if I gave him the wrong thing. So I knew something was wrong and I took him to a neurologists and a pediactric developmental specialist and had different test done and evaluations and brain wave scans and it all came back that my son had a autism that was at the age of 2 and now he is 5 and that is my story.  Sincerely to all those out there like us. 

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2 Responses Feb 17, 2009

If you get the mmr have them order it separately you can refuse the mmr shot but I dont want to tell you not to get it done if i had to do all over again i would of told my doctor to give a measel shot then next month i would get the mumps shot then the next month the rubella but never all together and never when your child is sick just from past experience:)

I am really worried about my daughter. She is 2 and has her doctors appointment tomorrow, she is supposed to get her MMR shot. She already scares me because she doesn't talk. She has hit all of her other milestones, but she can barely say Mama. Every now and then she blurts out a word, but never 2 together, she mostly points and squeals. She understands almost everything I say to her and is really smart, just no talking. I am talking to her doctor about it tomorrow.