My Oldest Boy Is Autistic

I think autism awarness should be taught to all professional people like the police, 911 operators, fire department.

My oldest is a high functioning autisitic so he can talk and do a lot of things but he doesn't understand what some of his actions do.

He has learned about 911 and then for his birthday he got a movie  madgascare ( or one of the spin offs ) and they call 911 in the show as a joke but he does it bc he doesn't understand that it is a joke and that 911 is for emergencies only.

He called last night and the police came over and my wife explained and the cop talked to my son and then the cop understood that it was a mistake call.  Then my son had done it again this morning and my wife was working and I'm traveling and my daughter is watching him and the police call up and ***** out my wife that it is too much responsablitiy for her, my wife trys to explain to the officer and he says that he knows how it is with autistic kids which is total crap.

If he knew about how it is with autistic kids then he wouldn't be chewing her out about it.

Why do people say they understand when they clearly don't?

So now I've talked to my son and tried to impress upon him that he does not call on the phone unless he is told to.

I think he understands now.

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2 Responses Mar 8, 2009

Yes when kids are being diagnosed with Autism to a rate of 1 in 6 more people should be aware of how to handle them cause the old rules no longer apply to them. There is a total different set of rules.

I agree with you 100%, my son is autistic as well and it seems to me that even some doctors and other prfessionals you run into do not understand him like they should. It should be a course that every professional that has any chance of interacting with an autistic person should have to take so that they can learn a little compassion and understanding about the world that they are living in.