Rest In Peace, Beautiful <3

Today I found out a girl I had went to school with passed away in a car accident recently. My sister called me the day it happened and asked if everyone was home. There was an accident. She lives in California. I instantly worried about my boyfriend and then my mom when had left 20minutes ago. I had her phone. Jaleayah was gorgeous and had just turned 20yrs old on the second. At 22 I see that as young. It is such a tradgedy. I didn't know her well but every time I deleted people on facebook she would add me back. She only had 200 and some friends and I was one of them even when she had around 100. I had just deleted everyone and she passed away. I cried all day. I wish I would have talked to her more. I wish I would have left my friends up and not been so frustrated with everyone that didn't really matter. Maybe she wouldn't have left that day. ...had we been friends. I always comment her pictures. I watched her grow up from being a little girl into a beautiful young woman. It was soo sad. I lost my baby from an accident and I understand that pain. I pray her memory can alleviate it. God bless her family and her sweet heart. She touched so many lives and changed soo many hearts. I know she earned her wings. So he took her back. Rest in Peace, Beautiful <3
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My grandpa just passed away last week and the turn out was amazing. So it's funny you commented on this story

Im so sorry. My friend Alex was 20 as well. So sad. He made a huge impression on people. Funny guy. He died of an asthma attack. They wouldn't fit everyone in the funeral home. 3 days it will be a year......