Had Enough Of It

Dentist was a part of my childhood. When I was little, I did not like to brush my teeth, and I always drank some milk before I went to sleep (which is not a really good habit). No wonder then I had so many tooth decay. Many teeth got pulled out. And filled. I can't remember how many times I had been to the dentist, but estimatedly 30 times?
Later when I understood how important it is to brush my teeth, I had less problems with my teeth (except if the fillings come off). However when I was 14, I started to wear braces and of course I had to go back and forth to the dentist every two month for two years. If you ask me how many in total, then maybe 50? Hahaha. Those dentists sure are rich, having so many patients like me.
Apparently this dentist near my house is a really nice and quite handsome man, and many people even from far away came to him because they favoured him.
Yes, he is nice and friendly, but still, the drilling of the tooth is the worst. Your heart is just racing when you hear the drill. The pain can come anytime. When he put the fillings, it can be painful too.
Oh really, I have enough of it.

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Ouch! I'm sorry to read about your bad experiences! I usually like to go to my ottawa dentist. However, I don't think I'm going to be drinking any milk just before bed anymore! http://drkamil.com

Haha the idea sounds wonderful, but if it happens, I guess the dentist will have no income anymore haha.<br />
Yea we could say we are still in crude times in dental procedures...They should really invent a non-painful method to pull teeth out or to fill the teeth.<br />
Ah, I hate it when I become paranoid of having tooth cavity or plaque that does not go away even if you brush it.<br />
Thx for commenting :)

I sympathize! Don't you wish we lived in a time when where was no tooth decay? Imagine a time in the future when tooth decay has been eradicated. I think it will really happen. No one would ever have to sit through a drilling procedure again. The time we're living in now are the "bad old days" of many fillings and metal braces. People will look back and think of how crude these procedures were. They will pity us and be glad they aren't living in our time. I for one worry about whether I just got a big huge cavity after eating a candy bar (I know cavities develop slowly, but still I worry) - in the future, dental defense is going to be easier to achieve. <br />
<br />
Just think about how things might be for people in 100 years. There are actually many dentists around the world who also think it is awful that human beings have to suffer the mutilation and drilling of our teeth at such an early age for many of us. They are researching and are developing ways to stop the process of demineralization that causes cavities, or to reverse and heal cavities once they have been detected. There will be a revolution in dental medicine, and it's coming!