Bad Dentist At Leam Lane Gateshead Mr P

Hi I been going to a dentist since I was 15 I was a young gillwith no pain at all I never understod what the dentist was ever doing as.i was young and scared to ask he drilled three of my teeth that day left me for 5 minutes I could feel three big holes in my mouth and I thought omg what has he done then after 5 minutes was over he filled my teeth with horrible black silver looking metal fillings I realy want to go this man and make him put right what he ruined every time I open my mouth I feel ugly he then again called me back for a check I kept puching the tools away from my mouth he said I needed a tooth out that he drilled put me unfer the needle then drilled my tooth at the very back of my mouth ar this point I no thier was nothing rong with thart tooth that he drilled as he said all my other teeth were ok a dnt no why he has done this as my other tooth got pulled out I am afaid to confront him he has ruined my mouth all my teeth.are really white and lovely at the front but as soon as I speak they look horried this dentist is at leam lane felling any one who goes their becareful im only going bk to make sure he fixis what he has done im nhs as I was young but its took me to become an adult to relise what he has done
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Jan 10, 2013