I Had the Worst Experince

it was a about 6 years ago i had a bad tooth ace it was infected

well i was so desprate to have the tooth out!!! I went to the health deparment

for my tooth to be pulled he gave me 3 shots then a 4 shot , i didnt know he couldnt

numb the tooth well i also have high blood pressure and he finly said miss

 i cant numb your tooth why not come back in a week after we have gotten the infection down and

then we try again to pull it , with tears coming out of my eyes i begged please please

pull it , so he said he shouldnt but he started lord ive never fleted such pain

it was half way out and then he stops and says are you sure? i begged again please i dont care

just do it! and he yanked it out i almost passed out cold i slid down in the chair they

brought me smelling salts they made me set in the office to 30 minutes my blood pressure shot up

they called some one to come get me i couldnt even walk. they had to carry me to the car.

so now when i go to the denIest i start shaking. i have panic atacks when I have to see a dentist.

lunnas lunnas
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4 Responses Sep 14, 2008

Wow that seems horrible! I'm so sorry to hear about that. It makes me sad to see you suffer so much. I don't worry about that with my ottawa dentist, but I'm going to be extra careful from now on! http://drkamil.com

that was HORRIBLE!! Geez girl you had guts to want that tooth taken out, that way. I hate going to the dentist..I shake too. Nerves and dread!! I had a bad experience..my jaw bone was cracked and splintered when he pulled my molar. Damn! I took all the pills he could hand me...lovely pain pills.

i think that dentist got off seeing me in pain

Dentists are evil people. I feel your pain.