Iam Scared of Dentest

then there was a time same kind of deal i had a bad tooth ace

a nother dentist was going to pull my tooth here i went again it got numbed but i got

dry socket , and talking about pain 10 times worse than a tooth ace ,well i took the pain

all i could and went back to the doctor he said do you smoke ? no i told him. he said do i take birth controle pills no i told him . so he sat me in his chair i started shaking so bad you could see the

chair shaking he said this will hurt but this will fix this in a week he had a gause with some kind of

mustard looking stuff on it he took the gause and paced the hole in my gum

damn i thought he was killing me it hurted so bad he said trust me this will fix it in a week

 it hurt so bad i couldnt even stand up to walk out to my car. it did fix it . but ive got a tooth

that needs to be fixed and iam dreading it

lunnas lunnas
41-45, F
1 Response Sep 14, 2008

ouch..can't stand the dentist....the worst thing I ever heard out of his mouth was "oops" and then slashed my gum...dbag... :?