Bad Day For a Root Canal...

A few Years back I had allot of dental work done. I was on my 4th Root Canal with the same Dentist. After grinding the Crown down to the Pulp where he could get to the Roots I had a sharp pain go through my Skull, OUCH!

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of a Root Canal let me enplane. After they grind the Crown down to the Pulp (Soft Tissue), they take this instrument (Round File) that closely resembles a Metal Tooth pick with a knurled part at the Top to facilitate twisting of the instrument between the Dentists Fingers. This enables the Dentist to basically ream out the Canal where the Nerve resides in the Root of the Tooth, but I digress, back to my story.

OUCH! He asked me if I felt anything and I said YES! He then tried to inject more Novocaine to numb the Tooth some more. A few Min later he tried again, OUCH! Have you ever bit down on Aluminum Foil? It was like that only 1000 Times as intense. He gave me 2 more shots of Novocaine and told me after the 4th injection that if it didn't numb it, nothing would. Well guess what... He said to just hang on for 10 Seconds and it would be over. I grabbed the Arm rests of the Chair and away he went, reaming the Root out. It felt like being struck by lightning while sticking my Tongue in a light Socket, it took more like 30 Seconds. He kept saying "Almost done, We're almost done"... I just about pulled the Arm rests off the Chair. After it was done, I did feel a bit better though... :O)

Dentists are the only People I know of that we pay huge amounts of Money to be put through horrid pain. Well wait, there is this S&M web site... ;O)

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Sorry to hear of your horrorible experience. I know what you were feeling having to get a root canal. sad o say, I had my first one at age 10. Now I am 25 years old with 10 root canal done. each experience was a horrifying to me too. My bad teeth is a long story due to a chronic gum disease. I am facing a fullmouth extraction next week followed by dentures.

What is the chances that you would get two bad dentist in the row.It happen to me and they ruiined my health and wealth. The second was to fix what the first dentist did but ony made things worst a nightmare..

omg hun