I had a dentist keep me in a dental chair for 8 hours and I received over 20 shots of novacane for the pain and that was it to remove 3 front teeth while I was awake and watching. The dentist was also treating other patients at the same time he was performing oral surgery on me. Also, he refused to give me any sedation during the procedure that was March 11, 2015 and I am still fighting trying to get my overpayment of over $6,000.00 for the procedure for implants that were not completed back from the dentist. I have filed complaints with MetLife Dental who is protecting the dentist the better business bureau where I live and the American Dental Association and have yet to see a dime of my overpayment from the dentist. I now am in constant pain from never damage from the novacane injections to the front of my mouth and have to take pain killers on a daily basis to deal with the pain and have yet to have the implants finished since I can not get my money back.
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