I Have A Bad Father

I grew up with an abusive dad. He abused me physically, mentaly and verbily. I final started going to therapy but I only told her about the emotional abuse. He brainwashed me to believe I deserved the the beatings I got. He made me think I was a bad person and I deserved what he did to me.

It took me months to realize he was an alcoholic. And yet I still thought I deserved every beating every bad comment. He wouldn't let me date, he told me that boys would just hurt me. But I think that boys hurting me would hurt less than the beatings and the words he said. When I finally got to high school I was teased by my friends for still being a virgin. I never told anyone about the abuse I got until I met my husband Nish.

Nish was an Indian exchange student from India. We had almost all classes together and always sat by one another. I thought he was cute but followed my fathers orders. It tool me a year and a half to tell Nish what was going on at home. I got home late from school one day and the police were at my house. Nish called in my dad and I was adopted by the man who housed Nish. We grew up together and married so he could stay in the country.

He saved my life. And for that I owe him my life.
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don't let that get you it bcos that is why he want you to think you are bad

Wow. I grew up with an abusive father as well, so I understand how brainwashed a kid can be. I defended him whenever someone asked if all was OK at home.<br />
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I'm so glad you and Nish found each other, and that you found happiness.